Major Successes

At United Strategies, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to help our clients succeed. It has been an exciting, action-packed few months, and here are some updates:

Betsy Hodges for Mayor: A progressive leader for all of Minneapolis

From the very beginning of Betsy Hodges’ campaign and her decision to run for Mayor of Minneapolis, United Strategies’ partner Kristen McMullen has been a part of the team in a variety of roles. Kristen provided strategic advice and consulted on Mayor-Elect Hodges’ senior advisory team throughout the formation and execution of their campaign and fundraising plans. United Strategies is proud to have been a part of Mayor-Elect Hodges grassroots-driven campaign, and we wish her nothing but the best as she embarks on the challenge of upholding Mayor Rybak’s legacy and improving the lives of all the residents of Minneapolis.   

Voting is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Ranked Choice Voting

This year’s municipal elections in Minneapolis and Saint Paul proved to be one of the biggest tests yet for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)– a smarter, fairer form of democracy that lets voters rank their choices on the ballot. United Strategies’ partner Richard Carlbom was brought on board with FairVote Minnesota – the main advocacy organization for RCV and stronger democracy – to provide strategic communications guidance and fundraising support for the last several months leading up to Election Day 2013. An overwhelming 88% of Minneapolis voters ranked their vote this year, and reports continue to roll in that voters found RCV to be easy, effective, and empowering. Congratulations to client FairVote Minnesota on their outstanding public education and voter engagement work!  

Winning the freedom to marry to Illinois

United Strategies’ partner Richard Carlbom was brought in on behalf of Freedom to Marry – the campaign to win marriage nationwide – to provide key strategic guidance, organizational consultation, and fundraising assistance to Illinois Unites for Marriage – the campaign that successful won the freedom to marry at the Illinois Legislature in November 2013. Illinois is now the 3rd largest state in the United States to win marriage for same-sex couples, and the sixth state to do so in 2013 alone! United Strategies is thrilled to have brought on to guide the message on such an important campaign, and we congratulate Illinois Unites on their hard-fought and well-deserved victory!